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Nestled in the shadow of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, we specialise in quality promotional embroidery and printing onto a huge range of garments and promotional items. With nearly 30 years of experience, we know which techniques and machinery to use to ensure that each logo or bright idea is transformed into something special. From small runs for local businesses to large runs for some of our household names, we love helping our customers find the right solution.


Sewfantastic was established in 1990 by partners Penny Shearcroft and Kerry Read. Nearly 30 years later they have a loyal workforce with a sales and production team headed up by Penny and Brigitte, and the design side by Kerry. Originally solely embroiderers, Sewfantastic quickly built an enviable client list, with large companies from Motorola to Ordnance Survey all turning to Sewfantastic to meet their corporate clothing requirements.


Our level of customer retention is high, with some clients having been with us over 20 years. They tell us it's to do with the personal touch and our commitment to real service. Our staff take a huge amount of pride in their work and every single item is hand-checked and individually packed. 

Each job, design and client is treated on an
individual and highly-personal basis.

At the same time we have developed from being just embroiderers (although it is our first love) into being able to offer a whole range of printing techniques. We love doing short runs mugs (ideal for a quick promo at any time), all sorts of vinyl prints and we also specialise in equestrian kit.

"Where quality and image matter"

This started as Sewfantastic's tagline and has continued as a guiding principle throughout our growth. Although we are able to fulfil large runs and have a number of commercial contracts in place, we have never considered Sewfantastic as a 'contract embroiderer' where often the quality of both decoration and garments might reduce to meet a required price.

What we are trying to say is that we might not be the cheapest but we are quite possibly one of the best. We source the very best suppliers, we've invested in superb machinary, the latest design software but most importantly we've invested time and training in our staff. Sewfantastic are well positioned to ensure 'quality' is the key benchmark on every job.

Sandfield House, Drove Lane, Market Lavington 

Devizes, Wilts, SN10 4NT

+44 (0)1380 818858


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