Frequently asked question/some helpful info!

Should I choose printing or embroidery?

You could have both! Most people aren’t sure which they should have and it depends on a number of factors such as the garments you're having and the effect you want to achieve, horses for courses. We can advise you on this so do talk to us, we know what works and we can quote for different options.

I don't have a logo or a design - can you help?

Yes we can.  Sometimes simplest is best and even a lettering only design can look really smart and impactful if done well—but again talk to us​

What is the minimum quantity?

The short answer... 2!  but obviously prices reduce the more you have.
The longer will depend on what your job is but for instance screen-printing generally has a minimum order quantity of 24.

How long do orders take?

Generally we work on a 5-10 working day turnaround however we are always flexible and always happy to discuss shorter turnarounds.

What type of file do I need to supply?

For embroidery we can accept most formats including pdf, .eps, jpeg, tiff or you can direct us to your website or send a letterhead. For screen-printing and vinyl, to avoid additional artwork charges, we require an .eps tiff or ai file. Failing all that pick up the phone or online chat and ask!

What are your Artwork fees?

If we get the right artwork (see above) for vinyl prints there’s usually no further charges.  For screen-printing there will be a small charge for the screens. For embroidery, we need to translate your design into stitches—this often takes time and sewouts to perfect (and our standards are high). We ask that where a new embroidery artwork is needed that the first order is 12 garments (can be a mix).  The once off charge is usually no more than £20 and often free for larger orders

How much is delivery?

Our deliveries are sent out on a carrier for next day delivery, unless advised differently.  Deliveries are charged at cost.

​Can I supply my own garments?

Yes, of course you can, but only if they are unused. Client’s own garments are decorated at the client’s own risk. On very rare occasions we will lose a garment or run of garments on the machine, if we have supplied the garment then we replace it but client’s own cannot be replaced at our expense.


I can’t see what I want!

Phone us—the catalogue is only one part of what we can supply—we have many more suppliers, particularly equestrian, that we use and we can probably supply what you want.

Can I return an item?

Obviously we can’t take back a garment decorated specifically for you unless there is a manufacturing fault with the garment itself (in which case we will be delighted to replace asap).  Equally we would replace if the decoration had not been undertaken as per the agreed proofs. However, as we work so closely with our clients and as every item is hand-checked by our own staff, we hope this will never be an issue!