Fun extras

Whilst we can, of course, source any number of 'Promotional Products' for our clients to sit alongside their clothing requirements, there are a few add-on items  that we do which bring a smile to everyone’s face!  From Easter Bunnies to Christmas Reindeers don’t forget your furry friends and there is always a little bear or two waiting to carry a message from your company.

Printed Mugs and Water Bottles

Having invested in the best sublimation printing technology (using a heat transfer process from paper to a chosen surface) we are now able to offer short runs of printed mugs and water bottles that are produced in-house.


Using your logo, high-resolution photographs, or a mix of the two, we can create beautiful designs to print to gloss or matt onto a number of different sized mugs.

Serving as both promotional gifts and retail items, these items have made a lovely addition to our offering to our customers.  At Christmas a mug stuffed with chocolates makes a very casual but welcome gift for anyone—we don’t supply the chocolates on account of the fact we tend to scoff them...but the mugs thankfully haven’t got any calories in.

Printed Umbrellas 


 Once again using sublimation printing, we can apply your logo to a range of umbrellas. As these are done in-house it means—much like the mugs and unlike traditional 'promotional product' suppliers—that customers can order small quantities and we can turn these around on a quick lead-time...perfect for our English weather! 

Small furry friends

For something fun, buried deep in the catalogue, we have a number of small furry friends looking for new homes! These include teddies, reindeer and easter bunnies who come clothed with a mixed wardrobe of t-shirts, jumpers, rugby shirts and even hoodies—making for a lovely promotional give-away or retail item at any time of the year.* 

*minimum order quantity of 6

**please note no teddies were harmed during this photoshoot

Summery straw hats

Take refuge from the sunshine under one of our fabulous personalised straw hats. Available in two colours ('straw' and 'black') these hats make a unique addition to the corporate wardrobe or are perfect as a giveaway.

Enquire today about our lovely straw hats!

Additional Items

Over the years we've supplied lots of fantastic items to our's just a few examples:

Printed shopping and jute bags

Handmade Embroidered Tweed headbands

Promotional rubber wristbands

Decorated aprons for kitchens and artists

Embroidered towels and robes for high-end B&Bs

Baseball hats

Customised lunchboxes



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