Embroidering onto garments is still the most popular way to brand a garment. It should look smart and quality and communicate quickly and vibrantly who you are. Embroidery is suitable for most types of garments and  can be used for both simple and intricate designs to create beautiful finishes.  We use a huge range of colours and shades, we literally have hundreds to choose from and can often match to the pantone colours in a design.  The same range allows us to make subtle differences throughout a design and it’s this attention to detail as well as being able to load up to 15 different colours on our machines that makes us to stand out from most embroiderers.

The process...

The first job we have to do when we receive a logo or design, is to turn it into embroidery artwork a process called digitising—basically turning a graphic into soft stitches. In theory anyone can 'digitise' a logo—even a computer programme with no human input—but it takes experience and flair to create a really good piece of embroidery.  We are all about the embroidery artwork, its our outstanding skill and makes a huge difference to the final result; we test sew many times to ensure that the design looks as amazing as it can and to ensure that it stitches well no matter how many times its used.  We also adjust our artwork for each material used on a job—so, for example, deep-pile fleeces for instance will have  their own version and cotton t-shirts another.

Embroidery artwork is one of our great strengths. Leave it to us to advise...and you to choose!

Once a design is agreed on, we sew it out onto the representative material to ensure it behaves as expected, but most importantly is the appropriate size for the identified position. If not...we tweak and sew again!


It is down to us to ensure that the finished item meets the brief and provides a client with the  best result but in some instances, embroidery may not be the right approach. Whilst suitable for the majority of garments, it can sometimes be too heavy for very lightweight  garments, or uneconomical for large designs.  In these instances we may advise using printing over embroidery—but again, leave that to us to advise!


The quality of our embroidery is shown in the work we've been commissioned to carry-out. As well as countless pieces of prototype work for high-end design agencies and retail houses, there's also been some fairly high-profile projects such as the 800 velvet panels we did for seats at Edinburgh's Royal Lyceum Theatre.


See more on our website for examples of our work.