Printing onto garments provides a smart, modern and economical option for garment decoration.  It can often fill the gap that embroidery sometimes just can't, when for instance you require larger areas or highly visible messages (backs of team tees for instance) or name and numerals added.  With experience in a number of different techniques, as with embroidery, we can advise on the correct process depending on design, garment and chosen print material.  

Vinyl printing...

Using CAD technology, precise and sharp patterns are cut by a single blade from sheet vinyl. Each sheet is then hand 'weeded' to remove all the excess material. Once each piece is cut to individual pieces, they are then pressed and sealed onto garments using a commercial press

Vinyl printing is used for simple designs or one or two colours, and to remain economical, is generally used for jobs with relatively low quantities.


We stock a huge number of materials including flock (furry!), neon, holographic and glitter so you can create some fantastic, and really unusual, finishes.  However, for everyday jobs we tend to use super durable vinyl that will generally last for the life of the garment

Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the more traditional methods of printing.  It can provide an economical solution for higher volumes, larger designs and complicated designs with multiple colours.  It is also very good at fine detail for small designs where embroidery would struggle to remain crisp.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer specialist inks from paper to a chosen surface.  It was a smart move investing in this technology as this is yet another in-house capability and we can now print to a huge range of items from mugs to umbrellas, t-shirts to plaques.  Our advantage here is not only the quality of the prints but also the fact that we are happy to do short runs—especially useful to smaller companies in this day and age.